Ircam final concert in Paris

Some pictures from the final concert of the “Cursus I” students of Ircam, the French center of music research.

Or to be more precise, the pictures are of the final rehearsal of the concert, since in the concert it was forbidden to do any shutter-clicking that could be heard in the recordings. Understandably.

Unfortunately, I only have pictures of half of the pieces. I arrived to Paris the evening before, and was smart enough to forget my battery charger in Finland. So the next morning I was in Ircam with two almost empty batteries for my camera and no time to look for a charger. Well, in the end I got the pictures I was looking for, and I guess I also learned something: if you have spare batteries, keep them charged!

Anyway, you can also watch the videos from the concert here:

God game: el nuevo mito de los Lemmings, Violeta Cruz
Ondulation – Night music, Ye Shen
Le patois du Monarque, Januibe Tejera de Miranda
Natura Morta, Carlos de Castellarnau
Variaciones sobre 7 lineas imaginarias, Fredy Vallejos
Epäjärjestelmällisyydestäköhän? [wonder if it comes from that unsystematic nature], Andrea Mancianti
[mi:ro], Seongmi Kim
[in]certi(é)tude, Francisco Alvarado
Instant suspendu, Mayu Hirano
silent_data_corrupt, Julien Vincenot

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