One dark night at the Dolomites

I woke up alone at this tiny little village in the Italian Alps (in the Dolomites) some years ago, and this is what I saw – an all-encompassing fog, with just me and a couple of trees watching it.

The pictures in themselves might not be particularly great, they´re all taken handheld, leaning on something in the darkness, thus the aperture that doesn´t really suit landscapes… But I like them because of what they remind me of.

P.S. This trip to the Dolomites was back in 2012, and I found the pictures when I was looking through my archives. For the joke of it, I edited them a bit on GIMP after years of not having used the program. It seems to have gotten much better lately, will have to spend some more time with it later on. Would be interested to see if it could actually replace Photoshop and/or Lightroom for me. We´ll see!

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